Second National Women’s Strike in Argentina: for Lucía Pérez and against the Patriarchal Judicial Power.

The news of Lucía’s femicide on October 8, 2016 in Mar del Plata – which occurred while the XXXI National Women’s Meeting took place in the city of Rosario – shook the whole country. The idea of ​​a Women’s Strike had been circulating for some years within the National Women’s Meetings, and by popular demand it finally rallied around the cause of Lucía Pérez. On October 19, 2016, the first National Women’s Strike was held. From the assemblies that gathered in each city, and from the alliance with women who went on strike during October in Poland, Russia and Korea, the International Women’s Strike emerged. On March 8, 2017 women from over 60 countries participated in the first International Strike.

On Monday November 26, 2018 the Oral Criminal Court N° 1 of Mar del Plata announced the sentence for the femicide and rape of Lucía Pérez. In a ruling full of sexist stereotyping and violations of international treaties on human rights, judges Pablo Viñas, Facundo Gómez Urso and Aldo Carnevale acquitted Matías Farías and Juan Pablo Offidani for the sexual abuse and murder of Lucía, and Alejandro Maciel for the aggravated cover-up of the incident.

When the sentence was made public, feminists from all over Argentina resumed the demand for a National Strike. The very same day, a feminist assembly was held in the City of Buenos Aires during the march for the International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women. It was decided to reconvene on Monday, December 3, in order to organize a strike on Wednesday 5.

But activists did not wait. Marches were held on November 29 in the cities of Resistencia, Chaco; Esquel, Chubut and San Miguel de Tucumán, Tucumán, and in the cities of Villa Mercedes, Merlo, Concarán and Tilisarao in the province of San Luis. On November 30, the cities of Corrientes, Corrientes and Santa Rosa, La Pampa, were mobilized. On December 1, Comando ESI called to march in San Miguel and Cruce Varela, in the north and south of the Greater Buenos Aires, respectively.

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On Monday, December 3, three assemblies were held simultaneously: in the city of Rosario, Santa Fe; in La Plata, province of Buenos Aires; and in the City of Buenos Aires. The latter was convened at the headquarters of the Central de Trabajadores de la Economía Popular (Central of Workers from the Popular Economy), the same place which hosted the organization of the National Strike in  2016. Marta Montero, mother of Lucía Pérez, was present at the assembly. «I have no words other than love and gratitude for all of you» she said «all of you have been Lucía, you all walked in Lucía’s shoes and that is priceless. She was one of you, that they made disappear and shut up. Each one of you is that hug Lucía would give me.»

Graciela Álvarez Agudo, gender attorney and general coordinator of the Feminist Constituent, also participated in the assembly. «We have to be able to advance in political trials. We have to decide if we are going to only call a strike, which all of us support, or if we are also going to make an advance against one of the powers that permanently destroys our lives,» she said. «Lucía’s ruling is completely biased, tailored to drug trafficking, it is clear that someone paid for that ruling. What are we going to do as a movement of women and diversities? Let’s move forward in an analysis of a political trial! And let’s fulfill what we promised to carry out on June 4, to advance against the Judicial Power. »

Graciela Agudo y Marta Montero en la asamblea de CABA

By decision of the assemblies, the National Women’s Strike was held on Wednesday December 5 with activities throughout the country.

Metropolitan Area of ​​Buenos Aires
  • City of Buenos Aires: march from the city’s Courts to Plaza de Mayo, stopping at the Obelisk for a visibility action
  • West of Greater Buenos Aires: activities in the Plaza Moreno, then «trenazo» towards the march in Capital

Buenos Aires Province

  • La Plata, Berisso and Ensenada: march from Plaza Moreno to the Government of the Province
  • Miramar: concentration on Avenida 26 and 21
  • Necochea and Quequén: concentration in the intersection of 56 and 64
  • Junín: concentration in Plaza 25 de Mayo
  • Bahía Blanca: concentration in Plaza Rivadavia
  • Punta Alta: concentration in the Arc of the Plaza

Catamarca Province

  • Catamarca: «siluetazo» in Plaza 25 de Mayo

Chubut Province

  • Rawson: concentration in Plaza Guillermo Rawson
  • Puerto Madryn: concentration in front of the city’s Courts

Córdoba Province

  • Córdoba: concentration in Colón and General Paz
  • San Francisco: concentration in the Civic Plaza

Misiones Province

  • Posadas: march from the city’s mast to Plaza 9 de Julio
  • Oberá: concentration in the Civic Center

Neuquén Province

  • Neuquén: mobilization from the Monument of San Martín to the Superior Court of Justice and Government House

Río Negro Province

  • Viedma: concentration in Plaza San Martín
  • Fiske Menuco: concentration in Tucumán and Avenida Roca

Santa Fe Province

  • Santa Fe: march from Plaza San Martín to city’s Courts
  • Rosario: concentration in Plaza San Martín
  • Casilda: concentration in Plaza de la Fuente

Tierra del Fuego Province

  • Río Grande: concentration in Plaza Almirante Brown
  • Ushuaia: concentration in Sarmiento Library

Tucumán Province

  • San Miguel de Tucumán: march from Plaza Irigoyen to Plaza Independencia

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