Second National Women’s Strike in Argentina: for Lucía Pérez and against the Patriarchal Judicial Power.

The news of Lucía’s femicide on October 8, 2016 in Mar del Plata – which occurred while the XXXI National Women’s Meeting took place in the city of Rosario – shook the whole country. The idea of ​​a Women’s Strike had been circulating for some years within the National Women’s Meetings, and by popular demand it finally rallied around the cause of Lucía Pérez. On October 19, 2016, the first National Women’s Strike was held. From the assemblies that gathered in each city, and from the alliance with women who went on strike during October in Poland, Russia and Korea, the International Women’s Strike emerged. On March 8, 2017 women from over 60 countries participated in the first International Strike.

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Forum For A New Constitution in Argentina: Building a better future

The Forum for a New Constitution was presented on October 23 at the Hotel Bauen in the City of Buenos Aires. The opening panel comprised the constitutionalist and professor of Human Rights and Constitutional Guarantees, Eduardo Barcesat; the former judge and secretary of Justicia Legítima (Legitimate Justice), María Laura Garrigós de Rébori; the Italian-Argentine philosopher and politician Alberto Filippi; Chamber Judge and international law expert Stella Maris Biocca; and former Supreme Court Justice and current judge of the Inter-American Court of Human Rights, Eugenio Raúl Zaffaroni.

The closing was held by the gender lawyer and general coordinator of the Constituyente Feminista (Feminist Constituent), Graciela Álvarez Agudo, the constitutional lawyer and Constitutional Law professor Juan Francisco Numa Soto, and the Constitutional Law professor and member of the Permanent Mercosur Review Court, Raúl Gustavo Ferreyra. The feminist cartoonist Romina Ferrer and the group of women percussionists TUMMBanda also participated.

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National Women’s Meeting in Argentina: on our way to Constitutional power

By Luxx Marina |

For thirty-three years women, lesbians, travestis*, trans and non-binaries met again and again at the Encuentro Nacional de Mujeres (National Women’s Meeting). From the beginning in 1986, when 1000 women gathered at the San Martín Theater, the Encuentro has not stopped growing and never stopped its march. Tens of thousands of people organize their year based on the October trip. The host city is flooded by the presence of women and dissidence. Schools are transformed into collective homes. Machismo always reacts, however. Alarmist campaigns from the Catholic and evangelical churches, repression and intimidation from the police, attacks and aggressions on the part of male neighbors, are some of the usual responses. But solidarity always wins. We meet with joy and we participate with enthusiasm. For many, this is the most intense and rewarding moment of the year.

*Travesti is the political identity of some groups in Argentina, which appropriated this slur to remember and honor their fight for identity rights. They do not consider themselves tans women, but a different gender entirely.

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The organization Feminist Constituent will be presented during the launching of the Forum for a New Constitution in Argentina on October 23rd.

We will present our current work as well as our plans for the future, with a strong focus on education, debate and feminist practices.

We invite any person with the will to work and learn, to join us in this project to discuss the tenets of our democracy.


Argentina debates abortion: The green fire keeps spreading

The movement of women, lesbians, travestis, trans and non-binary folk in Argentina has faced its biggest political battle this year. The treatment of the law of voluntary interruption of pregnancy in the Congress catapulted us to our highest level of organization and mobilization. The marches and vigils, the pañuelazos (demonstrations with green handkerchiefs) and twitterstorms, the thousands of information campaigns throughout the country, are the result of decades of feminist build-up.

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