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Second National Women’s Strike in Argentina: for Lucía Pérez and against the Patriarchal Judicial Power.

On Monday November 26, 2018 the Oral Criminal Court N° 1 of Mar del Plata announced the sentence for the femicide and rape of Lucía Pérez.

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National Women’s Meeting in Argentina: on our way to Constitutional power

By Luxx Marina |

For thirty-three years women, lesbians, travestis*, trans and non-binaries met again and again at the Encuentro Nacional de Mujeres (National Women’s Meeting). From the beginning in 1986, when 1000 women gathered at the San Martín Theater, the Encuentro has not stopped growing and never stopped its march. Tens of thousands of people organize their year based on the October trip. The host city is flooded by the presence of women and dissidence. Schools are transformed into collective homes. Machismo always reacts, however. Alarmist campaigns from the Catholic and evangelical churches, repression and intimidation from the police, attacks and aggressions on the part of male neighbors, are some of the usual responses. But solidarity always wins. We meet with joy and we participate with enthusiasm. For many, this is the most intense and rewarding moment of the year.
*Travesti is the political identity of some groups in Argentina, which appropriated this slur to remember and honor their fight for identity rights. They do not consider themselves tans women, but a different gender entirely.

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The organization Feminist Constituent will be presented during the launching of the Forum for a New Constitution in Argentina on October 23rd. We will present our current work as well as our plans for the future, with a strong focus on education, debate and feminist practices. We invite any person with the will to work and learn, to join us

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